Summer S’mores Truffles

by Alex Hawkins @ahawkz

Recently, I’ve been dying to try out a new cocoa powder. When I found out Baker’s Batch partnered me with this wonderful brand called Askinosie, I couldn’t contain my excitement – quality chocolate! And honestly, their product did not disappoint. Askinosie’s attentiveness to the flavor and richness of their chocolate is unparalleled to those that I’ve been working with. The staples you find at the grocery store simply don’t match what Askinosie has to offer.

I also loooove the brand’s story. Once a lawyer, Shawn Askinosie–CEO and Founder–dropped his successful career to become a chocolate maker. Feeling trapped at his old job, he found that this new career path offered a life that he never imagined possible.

Most importantly, his new career made him happy, which is evident in the quality of his product.

Not only does this chocolate company care about the integrity of their product, but they’re also deeply passionate about how their product affects others. The brand is strongly committed to fairness, sustainability, low environmental impact, and enhancing the communities in which they derive the chocolate from and the areas in which they process the beans. How awesome is that?

Although headquartered in Missouri, I’ve seen Askinosie’s artisinal chocolate bars in my favorite beer and cheese shop in Queens and in a boutique grocery store in Soho. They’re a big deal, and I’m so excited to share my love of their chocolate products with you.

So, to get you pumped for warmer weather (any day now…right?), I created a s’mores-inspired truffle recipe, adding in a bit of their single origin, natural, non-alkalized (all good things!) cocoa powder to deepen the chocolate flavor.

Happy (quick + easy) baking!

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