North Dixie Kitchen

Meet The Baker: North Dixie Kitchen

Meet The Baker: North Dixie Kitchen

HEY Y’ALL! I’m Sam. In 2008, I moved to New York. I spent many years in a tiny, shared apartment. My kitchen was a straight up joke. I stopped cooking immediately and started working on my Seamless game. One day, I ventured into Buvette for brunch with a friend and sat at the bar. My life changed as I watched a petite woman behind the bar who cooked every meal that went out that morning — IN ONLY 2 ft of space. It was inspiring. And I knew I no longer had any excuses to not be cooking in my tiny kitchen. From there North Dixie Kitchen was born.

Fun Facts

I love pretty much everything I try. Even if I don’t, I’ll probably still eat it. Hungry girls aren’t happy girls.

I grew up just outside of Atlanta. Yes, I did have a Southern accent. But New York has mostly washed it away. If you get me drunk enough it will come out though.

I moved to NYC to attend Parsons the New School for Design. I received my BFA in Photography in 2012. As a 20 year old, I thought I was a really serious tortured artist, and I quickly learned life’s just not that serious.

I’m allergic to coffee, the nectar of the Gods. I’m obsessed with the culture behind coffee. Sometimes I sneak into coffee shops just to smell the roasts. I’m a weirdo.

My 2 favorite pantry staples: Gochujang sauce and Grits. Together they make a damn good meal.Let’s get real though anything with grits makes a damn good meal.

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HEY Y’ALL! I’m Sam. North Dixie Kitchen is a cooking and baking blog that documents one Southern girl's cooking journeys in her very tiny New York City kitchen.

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