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How did you get into baking?

I simply fell in love with baking in high school when I realized how at home I felt in my own kitchen. I never went to culinary school; instead, during my summers off in college I worked at two well-known pastry kitchens: Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Momofuku Milk Bar.

What do you love most about the baking process?

I love being able to create something from start to finish, whether it be in an hour or a few days. And of course being able to eat what I make!

What inspired you to start a blog?

I wanted to tell my story – let people in on what it really means to go after your dreams and dive into the world of baking and pastry in NYC.

What recipe are you most proud of?

My banana cream pie muffin recipe!

Do you have a favorite ingredient that you like to use?

Cinnamon, hands down.

What’s an ingredient that you’ve never used, but would like to try?

I’ve been dying to work with fresh figs.

Are there any lesser known brands or products that you enjoy using?

I love baking with fresh ingredients, so the local farmers’ markets or stands are where I like to go to get what I need. Definitely support your local farmers!

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about starting a blog?

Even though there are a million and one blogs out there, go for it – your voice is unique and you will definitely bring something different to the table.

What type of gear/tools do you use for creating your blog posts?

I use my iPhone, AfterLight (an app to edit photos), and props for styling.

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