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Hi, I’m Ashley! And quite unexpectedly, I created my blog Domestic Batch in August 2015.  I’ve been living in Manhattan for quite some time, creating a career out of playing pretend. I’ve always loved cooking but baking wasn’t really part of my life. Until I got engaged, and then there was the bridal shower. 

I had registered for so many baking things absent mindedly, clicking away without a care in the world.  And then I actually received all that baking gear! Well, I wasn’t interested in letting it gather dust in my small NYC kitchen, so I began baking, just trying it out, and actually enjoyed it.  A lot. I created my blog, excited to share recipes and experiment with flavors and techniques.

If I’m not baking you’ll find me going on a run, drinking a gin gimlet (on the rocks please), or swooning over my musician husband. I’m always taking baking requests. something you want to see on the blog?? Email me! ashley [at] domesticbatch [dot] com 

Domestic B(i)atch


An actor currently living in NYC with my husband and a lot of guitars. Baking and style are the most recent interests in my grown up life. I’m is also a long distance runner, a pizza addict, a pixie cut supporter, a summer gin drinker, and a winter bourbon lover.

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